WNBF UK Posing Workshop- LONDON 24TH MARCH 24


WNBF UK POSING WORKSHOP LONDON (Ignore the above message in the red box about having to be registered - this workshop is open to all athletes whether registered for events or not)
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Venue - LONDON GYM - THE WAREHOUSE GYM - https://www.thewarehousegym.com/


112pm-2.30pm (2.5 hours - however we may extend a little depending on numbers)

The workshop has a small fee of £12 per person, this is for us to cover the hire of staff and the gym/ studio.

What to expect…

We encourage you to come down, train and make a day of it.

Meet and greet with fellow competitors.

Learn about the WNBF UK. Meet judges, meet WNBF Pros and be part of our live in person Q&A.

Professional posing coaching. Presidents,  judges and pros will be at our workshops and we will cover all class posing, male and female classes & give you tips and insight to what we are looking for on stage.

Become part of our growing community of likeminded people, a supportive environment & join us at these workshops to get you fired up and motivated for your natural events through the year.

CNP our sponsors will be providing sample bags on the day also.

Competing in the WNBF UK First timers : Novice in July or thinking about it?

Or are you gunning for the Supernaturals in October?

Even if not competing this year these clubs are so valuable. Everyone is welcome from complete beginners to seasoned athletes.👊🏼

See our other posing workshops in Scotland and Midlands.

To register for this workshop head to “backstage services” on our website and book!

Limited spaces for capacity. First come first serve.

1-2-1 intensive posing sessions can be booked around the group workshop with one of our PROS and posing coaches - If you would like to book a 1-2-1 session specific to your posing needs get in touch with us at info@wnbfuk,com














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