Frequently asked questions

Is pump up equipment supplied backstage at events?

You are responsible for your own pump up, please bring bands and any other equipment you may need to pump up. WNBF UK will not provide equipment however may bring some boxes of bands leftover from previous events.

What is a Novice Competitor? Can I compete as a Novice?

A novice is someone who has NEVER placed top 3 ....


If this is your FIRST YEAR competing and you do place top 3 in a contest prior to ours in the same year... You can compete in our Novice classes. This is because in your first EVER year of competing you remain a NOVICE competitor for the whole season regardless if you place top 3 in an event.


Competed in 2022 placed top 3 - Now Want to compete in 2023 as a novice- You can't - You are NO LONGER A NOVICE!

Competed in 2024 for the first time - place top 3 - YOU CAN COMPETE AS A NOVICE FOR THE WHOLE SEASON. (2025 onwards you are no longer a novice)




Where do I send Music for my class? (Bodybuilders & Fitbody athletes only)


Bodybuilding division and Fitbody division are the only divisions required to submit 60 seconds of music. Mens Physique and Bikini divisions will perform their I walk to the events house music.

Please send your MP3 track - titled your name and division eg










Can I purchase a photo package for the show?

Fivos Showshoots (the best photographer in the business) shoots all WNBF UK events and is our official stage photographer. Please order in advance to ensure you get the best rate for your photography.

The photographer may be present at registration where you may order and pay for your stage photos if you did not order them in advance.

Photos may be ordered after the event, BUT at an increased rate due to additional admin requirements.


Can I bypass the UK to compete abroad for Pro Status in another WNBF event?

No. If you are a UK resident. You must compete in your home country to be awarded this status.

The only time this is different is if you have been selected to compete as part of our team to go the the WNBF Worlds where PRO status may be given to those of exemplary standard who win their category on a Worlds stage.

How do I obtain a PRO card with WNBF as a UK athlete?

You must compete in any of our WNBF UK Pro card giving events. The SuperNaturals is our largest Pro Card awarding event in the UK.

If you are of the high standard we are looking for we will award Pro Status.

This event is also a selection for our amateur and Pro teams to go to the World finals. Top 3 may be invited in every category - If you are selected you and given a worlds team invite - you will also have the opportunity of competing where PRO status internationally will be awarded at the Wolds to those who win their category and are deemed of the highest standard for WNBF PRO status.

Who qualifies for the Overall at any WNBF UK contest?

Each class winner is allowed to compete in the overall of its category to win the overall title for that event and possibly if standard warrants - the prestigious WNBF pro card

As a WNBF UK Member can I compete in other federations that are NOT WNBF?

It is very important to us to promote the sport of natural bodybuilding as a whole. Therefore, we follow an "open door policy" meaning as an amateur you are welcomed to fulfil your passion as much as possible.

I am a UK athlete can I compete internationally in other WNBF events?

If you reside in the UK...

1 - You MUST have WNBF Uk membership to compete across the international circuit at any other WNBF international event

2 - You MUST have done one WNBF UK show in the UK before having access privilege access to compete as an active member internationally.

3 - If you have competed with us before and you are a current WNBF UK member and want to compete internationally you MUST ask permission from WNBF UK first before signing up to an international event

International WNBF Affiliate presidents across the various countries discuss entries openly and query them, and either give permission or deny permission based on the rules above.

If you are found failing to comply with these rules and try to bypass WNBF UK you will be disqualified from competing in total with WNBF.

I am an international athlete, can I compete in WNBF UK events?

Yes, we welcome all international athletes to compete with the WNBF UK.

International athletes should purchase a WNBF membership from your respective affiliate country and then purchase class entry for our events. Please ask permission from your respective countries WNBF president to ensure you are eligible to compete.

Eg - If you are a German athlete, you should purchase a WNBF membership in Germany prior to competing in the UK and then all you need to do is purchase entry for our events with their permission.

If there is no WNBF affiliate in your country - you should purchase a WNBF UK membership through our website

Does the Mr Golden Era round, contribute to the overall bodybuilding score?

No, all points in Round 1,2 and 3 (symmetry, muscularity and free posing rounds) contribute to the bodybuilding score. The Mr Golden Era round is judged separately and should be considered a separate competition to the bodybuilding rounds.

Click on each of the criteria pages breakdown and view the document. Click here for the competitor criteria page.

How do I find out my category criteria and rules?

Click on each of the criteria pages breakdown and view the document. Click here for the competitor criteria page.

When is the last day I can register?

14 days prior to our events to allow time for programming, music sending and service booking.

What is your refund policy?

This information is stated on sign up in the detailed information on the membership and entry pages of the website.

All fees are non refundable. This includes membership, entry. Some service fees (tan, makeup, hair) may be refundable if requested 14 days prior to contest (minus booking fee).

What heels are allowed in the female classes?

We prefer all heels to have a minimal platform (no more than 1.5 cm) and prefer shoes to be flush with the floor. We recommend the CHIC-08 Fabulous  or Glamour range (or similar). See examples here.

Can I book my hair and makeup at the show?

Yes, WNBF UK's official hair and makeup team is Get Flawless Stylists who will be available at all of our events to do your hair and makeup.


Can I book my tan at the show?

Yes WNBF UK official tanners are Black magic who will be available at all of our events for spray tanning


I’m taking medication to manage a health condition I have. I think the medication violates the rules set out in the WADA Code, what should I do?

It’s best to check the prohibited substances list first, however if your medication is on the list, you’ll need a note from your doctor stating that the medication is for a genuine medical condition. We’ll then discuss the possibility of a TUE with our sports medicine expert at the WNBF.

If I have to take a polygraph test what will happen?

A polygraph test is used as an additional method to ensure natural status beyond drug testing. A polygraph test is in lay terms a lie detector test. The test will be carried out by a qualified polygraph examiner who will ask you a series of questions about your status as a natural bodybuilder. A test will usually last anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes

If I need to get a drug test what will happen?

At a competition if you are asked to submit to a drug test this will usually take place via urinalysis. In this case you must make your whereabouts known to the drug control officer (DCO) until you are ready to provide a sample. The DCO will accompany you to the toilet to ensure there is no tampering with a urine sample, the sample will be deposited into the designated receptacle, prior to being decanted into the specimen tube by yourself. Only you will handle your sample throughout. Thereafter you will complete the accompanying paperwork which goes with your sample.

This is going to be my first time competing, what happens backstage?

A changing space will be provided for you to get ready for competition.

There will be a pump up area but bring your own bands/ pump up accessories

A programme/running order will be available on the day so you can estimate how much time you have to prepare.

If you have purchased the tanning package Glazers will be ready for you pre stage to glaze you.

The backstage staff will let you know when it’s time for your class to go on stage.

It’s your responsibility to ensure you are pumped up and glazed prior to going on stage.

I want to sign up for novice, this is my first season competing. I placed top 3 in a show before yours in the same year am I still a novice?

Yes, your status as a novice lasts for the duration of the season. You’ll no longer be able to compete as a novice in your next season though.

I want to do a first timer’s class. I competed once before as a Bikini competitor and now want to compete in Figure. Can I do the first timers?

No, first timers divisions are reserved for athletes who have never competed, e.g. stepped on stage. Your first time is your first time and once you have done that you can never do a "first time" on stage again.

I’m a teen competitor, can I compete in the juniors, novice, or men’s open class or the men’s physique division?

Yes, you could compete in any of the aforementioned classes and divisions at a qualifier, so long as you meet the criteria for being a novice.

You can only compete in one class though and crossovers are not permitted at a UK finals. In that case you would need to choose to either compete as a bodybuilder or men’s physique competitor if you made it to the finals.

I’ll be 23 years old and 25 days on the date of the UK finals. Am I permitted to compete as a junior at a regional event and the UK final if I qualify?

No unfortunately, you’ve missed out on your chance to compete as a junior this year, the class is for under 23’s only.

It’s my Birthday on the day of the competition and I will be 19 years old. Am I permitted to compete as a teen, at a qualifier and the UK finals if I qualify?

Yes, you can compete as a teen.

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