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CNP- the offical sponsor of wnbf uk

Supporting brands that support you.
Bodybuilding has been at the roots of CNP since we started making sports nutrition over 23 years ago and remains our passion to this very day. Which is why we jumped at the chance to partner up with the WNBF to give back to the sport we love so much!

By supporting the WBNF and all its athletes, that’s you, yes you, we are able to help provide the best competitive experience possible, backed up by the most rigorous drug testing available. Making the WNBF the prestigious, transparent and modern federation for today’s natural bodybuilding athletes.

As a brand we share the same need for transparency by providing a range performance centred sports nutrition products to help each athlete reach their peak potential. These products are blended, formulated and distributed by us from our state of the art facility here in Manchester. All this is done by a team made up of those who train, compete, and thoroughly love the industry, meaning the upmost thought and consideration go into what we make and do.
The WNBF UK is affiliated with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.
Our mission is to provide athletes with exceptional stages, stringent drug testing and the best athlete experience.
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