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Masters 40+

1st PLACE- Paolo Michael Vigara
2nd PLACE- Anthony Taylor
3rd PLACE- Clifton Morais

Masters 50+

1st PLACE- Barry Mulculhy
2nd PLACE- Gary Tapper
3rd PLACE- Daz Stephens

Teen Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Jack Ambrick
2nd PLACE- Harley Harmer
3rd PLACE- Connor Fiege

Junior (U23) Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Michal Wirtz
2nd PLACE- Aaron Bailey
3rd PLACE- Ying Yeung Ngai

Womens Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Laura Beesley
2nd PLACE- Laura Lee
3rd PLACE- Lesley Kerr

Mens Physique Short

1st PLACE- Ryan Reaston (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE- Reese Kyffin
3rd PLACE- Jonny Clough

Bikini Short

1st PLACE- Harriet Whitehead
2nd PLACE- Sanjana Kini
3rd PLACE-  Danielle Francisca Santos Brito

Novice Bodybuilding Short

1st PLACE- Corey Goodchild (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE- Jack Morgan
3rd PLACE- Chris Davies


1st PLACE- Stephanie Meddick - Dyson
2nd PLACE- Kyra Mclean
3rd PLACE- Maleval Clemence

Novice Bodybuilding Tall

1st PLACE- Michal Maslankiewicz
2nd PLACE- Sudeep Gurung
3rd PLACE- Alfred Princewell

Open Bodybuilding Short

1st PLACE- Patrick Asante
2nd PLACE- Donald Sweeting
3rd PLACE- Sergio Arsenio

Open Bodybuilding Medium

1st PLACE- Finn Kelly
2nd PLACE- Rob Wheadon
3rd PLACE- Samuel Morgan Colclough

Masters Figure

1st PLACE- Natalie Woods (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE- Inga Bukauske
3rd PLACE- Rebecca Oladele

Open Bodybuilding Tall

1st PLACE- Julian Dornbach (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE- Loic Perusset
3rd PLACE- Ethan Donval


1st PLACE- Beth Hills (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE- Lauren Hopkins
3rd PLACE- Zoe Cooke

Mens Physique Medium

1st PLACE- ose Martin Fullerton (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE- Bouyssie Simon
3rd PLACE- Chris Rendall

Bikini Tall

1st PLACE- Katherine Keddie (NEW PRO)
2nd PLACE-  Illaria Onofrio
3rd PLACE- Louise Dowd

Mens Physique Tall

1st PLACE- ndres Fornes Redondo
2nd PLACE- Wayne Bowes
3rd PLACE- Richard Morgan
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