WNBF UK First Timers/ Novice Championships 2022

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First Timers Teen Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Reuben King
2nd PLACE- Jack Mainds
3rd PLACE- Orrin Edmonds

First Timers Junior Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Josh Ellis
2nd PLACE- Antonio Marra
3rd PLACE- Alex Marsh

First Timers Mens Physique Short

1st PLACE- Charlie Doorbar
2nd PLACE- Bishnu Gurung
3rd PLACE- Paddy Nolan

First Timers Bodybuilding Short

1st PLACE- Leon Loizou
2nd PLACE- Sonny - Aleksandar- Sani Velizarov
3rd PLACE- James Fleming

Firs Timers Female Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Kendall Smith
2nd PLACE- Katie Kane
3rd PLACE- Catherine Bladen

First Timers Bikini

1st PLACE- Emily Redding
2nd PLACE- Ilaria Onofrio
3rd PLACE- Samantha Reid

First Timers Mens Physique Medium

1st PLACE- Ian Gunster
2nd PLACE- Jamie Lorenzet
3rd PLACE- Ilies Ould ahmed

First Timers Bodybuilding Medium

1st PLACE- Filip Lhotka
2nd PLACE- Adrian Rosicki
3rd PLACE- Thibaut Gauthier

First Timers Figure

1st PLACE- Victoria Clarke
2nd PLACE- Karolina Flizik
3rd PLACE- Julia Hector

First Timers Fitbody

1st PLACE- Sophie Jackson
2nd PLACE- Kelly Strickland
3rd PLACE- Natalie Bradbury

First TImers Mens Physique Tall

1st PLACE- Chidi Ekwuabu
2nd PLACE- Mikhail Johnson
3rd PLACE- Marty Lazarov

First Timers Bodybuilding Tall

1st PLACE- Olatunji Sasi
2nd PLACE- Scott Glendinning
3rd PLACE- Alex Harvey

Novice Bikini

1st PLACE- Sarah Glanville
2nd PLACE- Ilaria Onofrio
3rd PLACE- Verity Wigley

Novice Men's Physique

1st PLACE- Jamie Butwell
2nd PLACE- Sim Chun Hean (corrected on score card with name)
3rd PLACE- Bishnu Gurung

Novice Fitbody

1st PLACE- Natasha Williams
2nd PLACE- Kim Valente
3rd PLACE- Karolina Flizik

Novice Figure

1st PLACE- Alex Wren (amended position due to athlete disqualification)
2nd PLACE- Natalie Bradbury (amended position due to athlete disqualification)
3rd PLACE- Mel Wilder (amended position due to athlete disqualification)

Novice Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Leon Loizou
2nd PLACE- Scott Glendinning
3rd PLACE- Adrian Rosicki
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