WNBF UK First Timers/ Novice Championships 2023

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First Timers Bikini

1st PLACE- Christina Paugger
2nd PLACE- Jenna-Leigh Ancill
3rd PLACE- Angelina Miran

First Timers/Novice Women's Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Lesley Kerr
2nd PLACE- Amanda Milne

First Timers Teen Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Josh Campbell
2nd PLACE- Endrin Aliu
3rd PLACE- Jake Horsfield

First Timers Junior under 23's

1st PLACE- Ben Matthew Brown
2nd PLACE- Joel Davies
3rd PLACE- Harrison Bickford

First Timers Men's Physique Short

1st PLACE- Yikai Feng
2nd PLACE- Jahvan Titshall
3rd PLACE- Themis Rallis

First Timers Figure

1st PLACE- Ellena Betson
2nd PLACE- Emily Ibbott
3rd PLACE- Rebecca Oladele

First Timers Masters Figure

1st PLACE- Rebecca Oladele

First Timers Mens Bodybuilding Short

1st PLACE- Sean Ferran
2nd PLACE- David Odum
3rd PLACE- Chris Massell

First Timers Mens Bodybuilding Medium

1st PLACE- Alessandro Mammone
2nd PLACE- Josh Bull
3rd PLACE- Jeremiah Kenny

First Timers Mens Physique Medium

1st PLACE- Murece Lewis
2nd PLACE- Kaylan Goodwin
3rd PLACE- Richard Powell

First Timers Fitbody

1st PLACE- Angie Shadrake
2nd PLACE- Abigail Bailey
3rd PLACE- Amanda Burzio

First Timers Mens Bodybuilding Tall

1st PLACE- Alfred Princewill
2nd PLACE- Jakub Jager
3rd PLACE- Cloyden Thorpe

First Timers Mens Physique Tall

1st PLACE- Mayowa Awotedu
2nd PLACE- Armin Grimminger
3rd PLACE- Connor Watson

Novice Fitbody

1st PLACE- Beth Hills
2nd PLACE- Yael Shotts

Novice Figure

1st PLACE- Alana Ellis
2nd PLACE- Beth Hills
3rd PLACE- Nicole Kerr

Novice Figure Masters

1st PLACE- Claire Jarvis
2nd PLACE- Yael Shotts
3rd PLACE- Kirsty Louise Holliday

Novice Bikini

1st PLACE- Bethany John
2nd PLACE- Sara Salomon
3rd PLACE- Benita Sabharwal

Novice Bodybuilding Short

1st PLACE- Luke Anthony Dutka
2nd PLACE- Tyrone Irons-Reid
3rd PLACE- Elbek Aliyev

Novice Mens Physique

1st PLACE- Gerald Barreda
2nd PLACE- Kazuya Iijima
3rd PLACE- Oliver Deyoung

Novice Bodybuilding Tall

1st PLACE- Olatunji Sasi
2nd PLACE- Michal Maslankiewicz
3rd PLACE- Mikhail Johnson
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