WNBF UK Supernatural Championships 2021

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Teen Bodybulding

1st PLACE- Luca Connor

Junior Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Samuel Hartman (Pro Card winner)
2nd PLACE- Robert Brown
3rd PLACE- Robbie Campbell

Novice Men's Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Ethan Cavannagh
2nd PLACE- Nathan Banq
3rd PLACE- Finlay Smith

Mens Open Bodybuilding Short

1st PLACE- José André Ferreira Barroso
2nd PLACE- Seyed Hashemi
3rd PLACE- João Filipe Costa Pinto

Mens Open Bodybuilding Tall

1st PLACE- Lukas Mueller
2nd PLACE- Mathew Clark
3rd PLACE- Leejay nelson

Mens Open Bodybuilding Medium

1st PLACE- Leon Mitchell( PRO Card Winner)
2nd PLACE- Zachary Davies
3rd PLACE- Charlie Neal

GrandMasters 50+ Mens Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Steve Howarth
2nd PLACE- Lorne Brown
3rd PLACE- Bobby Smith

Master's 40+ Mens Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Pawel Pleva
2nd PLACE- Mark Ford


1st PLACE- Hannah Mitchell
2nd PLACE- Kyra Mclean
3rd PLACE- Stephanie Hill

Masters Figure

1st PLACE- Natalie Woods
2nd PLACE- Sara Robinson
3rd PLACE- Jane Robertson


1st PLACE- Samantha Burt (PRO card winner)
2nd PLACE- Chelsea Doherty (Worlds Champion and new pro)
3rd PLACE- Leila Cattanach

Women's Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Layla Daniels


1st PLACE- Lucy Marsella (PRO card Winner)
2nd PLACE- Emma Walker
3rd PLACE- Rimini Miloro

Men's Physique Short

1st PLACE- David Langsdale
2nd PLACE- Bikram Thape
3rd PLACE- Shiraz Miraz

Men's Physique Medium

1st PLACE- Josh Croggan (PRO card winer)
2nd PLACE- Harry Ranson (Worlds Pro card winner)
3rd PLACE- Jonny Clough

Men's Physique Tall

1st PLACE- Chris Rendall
2nd PLACE- Danny Hodges
3rd PLACE- Thomas Sykes

Overall, Mens Physique

1st PLACE- Josh Croggan Overall Men's Physique Champion

Overall Men's Bodybuilding

1st PLACE- Leon Mitchell Overall Men's Champion

Overall Bikini

1st PLACE- Lucy Marsella Overall Bikini Champion

Overall Women's

1st PLACE- Samantha Burt Overall Women's Champion

Overall Golden Era Competiton

1st PLACE- Samuel Hartman Overall Mr Golden Era
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